Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cooked vs raw food: it's Alive!

Try This For Breakfast... Its Alive!

One of the toughest meals of the day is breakfast.I mean really, what are the options for the average person? We have been brainwashed by the food giants and their commercials to limit ourselves to: cold or hot cereal, eggs, pancakes,waffles, toast or bagels. Any of these carb laden foods complimented with processed breakfast meats like bacon, ham, sausage links is a surefire recipe for inflammation and fatigue.

The problem is there just aren't a lot of good breakfast food alternatives that promote a non-inflammatory life style.Most people are shocked to learn that the average fast food sausage and egg breakfast sandwich increases NF-Kappa B by 150% and it's elevated for 3-4 hours. It’s amazing that simple breakfast sandwich can increase inflammation in your body by 150%. It’s no wonder people are tired and in chronic pain. NF-Kappa B is present in the cytosol of every cell and when its inhibitors are disrupted by stress, diet, injury, or a host of other factors it migrates to the mitochondria where it literally affects genes and sets up a cascade of genetically induced inflammation. The word picture that best describes NF-Kappa B would be that of an amplifier. It can ramp up or down existing levels of inflammation just like an amplifier can amplify existing voice or music levels.NF-Kappa B is one of the hottest topics in biomedical research right now, and pharmaceutical companies are racing to capitalize on it.

Today we're talking “BREAKFAST”So what are our options? Before I go into that I want to share with you some research done by Francis Pottenger between 1930 and 1950 on over 900 cats.He was evaluating the effects of adrenal extract on the cats and as a result his team did over 600autopsies and extensive data collection. He found that when he would give raw food (either raw milk or raw meat) to the cats, they would be vibrant, reproduce easily, have strong bones,engage in play, and in short exhibit health on whatever parameter was evaluated.“In older cats inflammation and diseases of the gums was seldom seen. The calcium and phosphorous content of their femurs remained consistent and internal organs showed full development and normal function. Over their life spans these raw food fed cats proved resistant to infections, fleas, and various other parasites,and showed no signs of allergies.When the cats were fed cooked food, their health declined. The longer they were on cooked food the longer it took to recover. As cats raised on cooked food progressed through 2or 3 generations, their health declined proportionally. Dr. Pottenger said in the third generation cooked food fed cats, some of the bones become as soft as rubber. The cats developed heart problems, nearsightedness and farsightedness.They had under activity of the thyroid gland, infections of the kidney, liver, testes,ovaries and the bladder.These cooked food fed cats had arthritis and inflammation of the joints and nervous system,as well as paralysis and meningitis. Cooked food fed cats showed much more irritability.Some females were even dangerous to handle. The males on the other hand were more docile,often to the point of being un-aggressive and their sex interest was slack or perverted. Such sexual deviations were not observed among the raw food cats. The cooked food fed cats also displayed vermin and intestinal parasites, skin lesions and allergies appear frequently and are progressively worse from one generation to the next. Abortion was common running about 25% In the first generation to about 70% in the second generation, and the average weight of kittens of cooked meat was 19 grams less than the raw meat nurtured kittens. He discussed several other animals and their genetic diets. Cows had healthier adrenal glands. Chickens were stronger and had healthier eggs. Guinea Pigs had less skin and GI problems.So here’s the point. We need to get more raw food in our diet. Raw foods have bio-available vitamins and minerals. Raw foods have enzymes in them to help digest our foods and enzymes that we need to sustain life. And…..it’s ALIVE. There are essences in raw foods that science will probably NEVER understand.

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