Friday, November 30, 2007

Omega 3 and Cholesterol

A patient comes in this week to let me know that he has been taking our Omega 3 for two weeks. He had a blood test with total cholesterol of 190's about a month ago. He has his updated cholesterol test last week and it dropped to 160.


Test your Omega 3 supplement with ours:

Fill up 2 styrofoam cups with water and put them on a tray. Open up the contents of our Omega 3 into one cup and the contents of a competitor's omega 3 in another cup. Allow them to sit for at least a half hour. Come back and observe what happens.

What happened to us when we had tried it was that the water leakage due to our Omega 3 eating away at the cup it warped one of our desks because it was left over the weekend!


Allow us to test how much Omega 3 your body needs, because one capsule will dissolve one styrofoam cup, but you are MUCH BIGGER than a styrofoam cup!

Not to mention all of the other benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids:

-balancing the omega 6: omega 3 ratio
-ratio should be 1:1
-REALITY: Ratio is 12:1 due to our poor diet = IMFLAMMATION AND PAIN

-improving the brain and nervous system
-building blocks for brain tissue
-improves certain types of depression and other psychiatric disorders

-important component in reducing cholesterol

-improves high blood pressure

-decreases risk of heart disease

-may help with arthritis


-skin disorders

-other inflammatory conditions


-macular degeneration

-cancer: colon, breast, prostate

So with only a small imcomplete list of benefits, why should you hold off taking Omega 3?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chiropractic helps blood pressure

A WebMD article on chiropractic and blood pressure. Many of our patients already feel the benefits of a de-stressed spine.

Should you treat your kid's ADD or ADHD with drugs?

As every single day over 300 people die from properly prescribed medications. That's as much as a jumbo jet crashing daily, with everyone dying. Would you quit flying? is an eye opening video on the reality of properly prescribed medications.

A reason to detoxify

This is the link for mercury toxicity from the University of Calgary, Canada.

If you think that dental amalgams are safe, think again.