Saturday, August 9, 2008

Balance away the blues, and sleep better too!

There several benefits of L-tryptophan, such as how it has been shown to normalize
sleep, enhance mood and even reduce our craving for carbohydrates. I've had patients on this for fibromyalgia as part of my protocol with great success. L-Tryptophan has recently been reintroduced back into the market by the FDA, who unjustifiably banned it for many years because of the negligence of one overseas manufacturer cutting corners to produce profit. But some are confused about the purity and quality of various forms of L-tryptophan, because there are several forms of this amino acid available on the market today.

Ajinomoto TryptoPure™– L-Tryptophan of Unsurpassed Purity
The L-tryptophan in our Best L-Tryptophan, TryptoPure, is produced by Ajinomoto of Japan. Ajinomoto is the world's foremost producer of pharmaceutical-grade amino acids, including l-tryptophan. TryptoPure surpasses all testing criteria established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Japan Pharmacopeia (JP), and European Pharmacopeia (EP) standards. In fact, Ajinomoto's L-tryptophan has enjoyed uninterrupted importation into the United States for more than 25 years, and is currently used in hospitals and pharmacies all over the world.

The Highest Quality Formulation at Clinically-Proven Potency
Our Best L-Tryptophan is additive-free, solvent-free, 100% fermented, and GMP certified. Each vegetarian capsule contains 500mg of this pharmaceutical grade amino acid.

We Strive to Look for and Always Recommend the Best
Our Best L-Tryptophan featuring TryptoPure™ is a science-based formulation, made with a trademarked ingredient of unsurpassed quality and purity that is delivered at clinically-proven potency.

I have personally tried this the other day and WOW! it gave me a wonderful state of relaxation within 10 minutes. (I actually opened the capsule to check the taste of the powder-I know you know I'm a little silly this way!) It was totally unexpected, since I was on my way to the office. I personally did not feel any impairment in driving whatsoever, but please, use your own sound judgement and get used to the effects for several days before operating any machinery. This supplement should be taken best before bedtime.

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