Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Years ago there was a news story about a man coming home to a burning house. As he arrived, he was informed that his wife and baby were inside. Firemen and police forbade him to go back in, due to the inferno. In agony, he pulled away from them, rushed inside and made his way up to the second floor where his wife was crying for help. He grabbed her hand then raced to the nursery to save their darling daughter. The husband picked up the blanketed bundle and rushed outside, smoke billowing into the night sky behind them.

In the safety behind the fire trucks, the father opened the blanket, expecting to look into the eyes of his little girl. Instead, he saw a plastic doll from the nursery. Through the smoke and stress, he had misjudged, made the wrong decision, and lost his precious treasure.

If there are wrong decisions being made about your health, misjudgments about the right treatments, and dysfunctional types of drugs and care, then lives are lost. Like the story above, you have fought to preserve your life or your precious family's life only to end up with something else.

When you do things well, it really is like being saved or saving someone else from a burning building. If, as a result of making the right moves with your lifestyle, you live a year longer - while not as dramatic - is not that as good as being rescued? The results are the same - more time on earth, with your family, and serving God the best you can.

Right now, there is someone you need and who needs you, someone you love and who loves you. While many, many things keep us busy - jobs, carpools, school work, house maintenance, etc., if you do not work to preserve your life, it is all gone in a puff a smoke.

If you want to save lives and be saved, follow these simple lifeguarding steps.


1) Spine: the housing point of the central nervous system, the command center of the entire body that controls all functions and healing. See a chiropractor regularly.

2) Toxicity: chemicals and poisons rule the day. Between the medications and processed foods, we can simply end up poisoned. Reducing and / or eliminating toxins will preserve and add value to life.

3) Nutrients: not dieting, but taking in the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in order to sustain life. Educate yourself on a regular basis on nutrition. It is an ever progressing field.

4) Movement: You and your family were created for motion. Intentionally being active as a team will create positive, constructive time in your life, and save your life. Learn the power of surge training and put exercises into your time management schedule.

5) Rest / Stress: The average person gets more than 365 less hours of sleep per year than they need. Similar to the effects of stress, it will hurt you, reduce immunity, cause pain, and disease. Have a maximum time to allow yourself to stay awake before heading to bed. By developing your spiritual life through committing control to God, you have less responsibility and less stress.

These are some of the very simple steps of maximized living. You will not only save yourself, but those you know.

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