Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Traditional Oriental Medicine "Music"

As there are 12 keys of music so too are there the 12 organ channels of Chinese medicine; 6 yin and 6 yang:





Urinary Bladder


Gall Bladder

Heart - Pericardium

Small Intestine - Triple Heater




Large Intestine


Prescriptive music requires the correct key in order for the music medicine to work properly. By rebalancing the proper organ system through acupuncture or Chinese Medicinal herbs symptomatic relief can be achieved.  So, for each individual there are 6 yin keys and 6 yang keys. Mapping of the organ system can proceed from the patient's tone (1 of the 12 tones yielding 12 basic energetic mappings).  The prescriptive music also must contain other elements regulated by Chinese medicine.  Simply playing a tune in the right key will attain neither optimum nor even mediocre results.


But what of the 8 extraordinary channels: Governing, Conception, Yang Heel, Yin Heel, Yang Linking, Yin Linking, Thrusting & Belt?  These channels are reservoirs of energy that work especially well with cases of depletion and genetic pre-dispositions. They are powerful and can be used for other types of cases also; as long as the patient shows tolerance and effectiveness for the prescription.


Even more powerful than the 8 extraordinary channels are Yin Essence and Yang Essence. Another word for essence is jing and it is said that it is fixed in quantity (pre-natal Jing).  Musically it is possible to replicate this vibration and direct it to the needy organ so perhaps original jing is thereby conserved.   


It is the union of two primary essences that produce the Governing Vessel and the Conception vessel from which the other 18 channels derive.


The Governing Vessel (Sea of Yang Qi) forms the nine Yang rivers, including 3 other extraordinary channels:


1.   Urinary Bladder

2.   Gall Bladder

3.   Small Intestine 

4.   Triple Heater

5.   Stomach 

6.   Large Intestine

7.   Yang Heel 

8.   Yang Linking 

9.   Belt


The Conception Vessel (Sea of Yin Qi) forms the nine Yin rivers including 3 other extraordinary channels:


1.   Kidney

2.   Liver

3.   Heart

4.   Pericardium

5.   Spleen

6.   Lung

7.   Yin Heel 

8.   Yin Linking

9.   Thrusting



Stay "Tuned",


Dr. Tang



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