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Friday, August 21, 2009

More bad news about your tap water

Need more reasons to stay away from tap water? Try this on for size: It may contain artificial sweeteners.

That fact alone is bad enough -- but how they get there is enough to make you swear off water for good.

You see, people eat and drink foods loaded with this garbage. And as the saying goes: Garbage in, garbage out.

Sewage treatment plants are supposed to clean up that waste, but a new kind of water analysis shows that artificial sweeteners like aspartame can remain. And if you happen to live downstream from the plant, then you could end up drinking the stuff straight from your tap.

Aspartame is bad enough on its own, but an artificial sweetener that's made its way through someone else's body before entering yours -- well, I don't think I need to add anything to that.

But whether you're funneling it straight from a Diet Coke can, or whether it's in the form of poorly filtered tap water, aspartame is bad news. This artificial sweetener has been linked to cancer and neurological disease and is responsible for more FDA complaints than any other additive.

Forget regulating it. The only acceptable solution is an outright ban.

Now, this analysis was carried out in Germany, but don't assume for a moment that it's the only place with this problem -- or that artificial sweeteners are the only dangerous substances in the water supply.

There are plenty of other pollutants -- the difference is that much of the other stuff is actually put there on purpose. I've been telling you for years about the contaminants and pollutants that Big Government's mad scientists intentionally dump into U.S. water supply -- things like fluoride and chlorine.

The fluoride they dump into the supply is an industrial-grade waste product, but you never hear them talk about that. What you DO hear are the idiots telling people they need to swallow glass after glass of this stuff.

My favorite is the "eight glasses a day". I can't say the same about aspartame, fluoride, or chlorine in the unfiltered tap water.

And yet most people just go on assuming their water is safe to drink -- when it reality, you shouldn't even be showering in it. Get a shower filter because it will absorb through your skin..

Most people, that is, except for those of you who've been listening to me. Count yourself among the lucky few -- and then go warn your neighbors.

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