Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surge In Gout Blamed On High Fructose Corn Syrup

Surge In Gout Blamed On Sweet Drinks

soda, sugary drinksMen who drink two or more sugary soft drinks a day have an 85 percent higher risk of gout than those who drink less than one a month, according to U.S. and Canadian researchers.

Gout has been increasing steadily in the UK in recent years, and the researchers believe it is linked to a rise in soft drink consumption over the same period.

During the 12-year study, 46,000 men aged 40 and over were asked questions about their diet.

The risk of developing gout significantly increased among men who drank five to six servings of sugary soft drinks a week. Fruit juice and fructose-rich fruits such as oranges and apples also increased the risk.

Gout causes painful, swollen joints, usually in your lower limbs, caused when uric acid crystallizes out of your blood into your joints.

Fructose is known to inhibit the excretion of uric acid, which may help to explain the study’s findings.


British Medical Journal February 9 2008;336:285-286

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