Thursday, February 12, 2009

Acupuncture and foot pain - Ask the Doctor

Subject: Feet problems ID: 504955

I had surgery in June for a heel spur removal and releasing the plantar fascia. I also broke the 5th metatarsal soon after the surgery. I have pain on the lateral side of my foot. My doctor says this sometimes happens after this kind of surgery. Recommends anti-inflammatory and steroid shots, which I would like to avoid. Also I had surgery in October for a broken seismoid on the other foot, and have scar tissue buildup that is painful. Wondering if you specialize in feet and if acupuncture would benefit me.

Yes, I've had great success in acupuncture and feet problems, although I do believe that your condition may be a little more than just acupuncture, from what you had described, but not difficult enough for us to handle.

For example, I have a patient from Texas, whose orthopedic surgeon husband performed her foot surgery for her, but she still had pain amongst other problems. After coming here to visit her daughter (a longtime patient of ours) she had acupuncture and found great success and pain relief before returning to Texas.

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