Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby's eczema

I tried the Evening Primrose Oil for a few weeks with no luck, then Blackcurrant Seed Oil for a few weeks with no change.  I tried both with the IPS I tried organic apple cider vinegar, as a nurse patient of ours had recemmended because it has helped her, and it helped minisculely.  I also used the Mixed EFAs and it did nothing to the eczema.  It was when I ordered the Optimal EFA liquid and noticed it was more palatable than 2 years ago, when it tasted like fish.  One tablespoon full and it's been about a week and his eczema, especially in his face, which was bright red the night before, was calmed overnight(!) and has not returned since.  He's getting maintenance of 2 mL per day, and his elbows and thighs are healing nicely, with no more oozing. 
Reasoning:  I didn't give him enough GLAs , even though I had given about 200 mg GLA equivalent per day opening the pills with both the above Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, or the ratios of the omega 3's and 6's were not balanced.
I guess the main reason I didn't start him on that before was my previous experience with the fishy taste.  Because daddy didn't like it, then baby didn't get it.  Daddy likes the Optimal EFA liquid now (taste-wise), personally and for both baby and mommy. 

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