Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Iodine, AGAIN

Iodine is pushed out of essential tissues by chlorine in sweeteners like Splenda, fluorine and chlorine in drinking water, and bromine in commercial baked goods.

Which means: take artificial sweeteners and GET FAT? Why? Your thyroid NEEDS iodine and when this hormone factory doesn't have enough raw materials to make hormones, then there is no product: YOUR METABOLISM SLOWS DOWN TO A HALT! We have a liquid Iodine

You might think that you can get it in iodized salt? The form is not readily accepted by your body.

Iodine is used to treat the following:
ADHD,fibrocystic breast ,breast cancer,mucous,heart disease,hemmorhoids,headaches, hypertension,liver disease,thyroid disorders,
80% of people in the Midwest are iodine deficient.
“Iodine is found in each of the cells in the body; and without it, life is not possible.”

Iodine is responsible for the production of all the hormones in the body.

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Still don't believe me? Here's a video for you

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