Friday, October 10, 2008

My newborn son's first fever

Tuesday evening my son Aldan had a fever, demonstrated by extreme crying. It was only the second time he had shed tears. He was extremely warm. My wife had said he had thrown up three times during the day. I had personally witnessed projectile vomiting when I got home in the evening. We took a temperature of 99.4F. I took his wailing little body into my arms and started chiropractic adjustments on his lower back and pelvis, where there were vertebral subluxations. He started calming down ad fell asleep after 15 minutes and after 45 minutes we checked his temperature: 98.6F. Absolutely normal.

I have heard of our results for feverish kids before but to see baby Aldan first hand how his temperature returned to normal fascinated me. The power of chiropractic.

Last week he had some congestion. I gave baby Aldan some laser acupuncture and within a few minutes his congestion had improved. It's his 5th laser acupuncture treatment, since I gave him a few laser acupuncture for his high bilirubin levels to save him from going under phototherapy for borderline jaundice. He's had over 15 adjustments in the month he's been alive. He does not fuss except for when he is hungry, poopy, or too warm. He's been a great baby and I'm blessed to have him.

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